Wakeup early 21-day challenge

How to wake up early, feel more alive, and increase your energy level and productivity

One healthy habit can change your life completely. You will feel better, accomplish more during the day, improve your health, and enjoy positive impacts in most aspects of your life.

How do you start your day? Do you experience difficulties getting out of your bed? Are you always rushing the very last minute? How and when we wake up is very important; it defines how productive we will be during the day as well as our mood. If your morning is stressful and in a hurry then there is a strong probability that the rest of the day will be the same.

Now imagine that you wake up before 6 AM: you have 2-3 hours of free time. Your personal time. You can do yoga or workout, take a slow shower, go for a walk or a short run, read a book or do something you have been procrastinating about for a long time. Early morning is time when social media notifications and messages cannot are less likely to distract you. It is peaceful time. You will be more calm and focused so it is much easier to maintain this state for the whole productive day.

We are launching 21-day "wake up early" challenge. Together with like-minded people, we will implement this wonderful habit, inspiring and motivating each other along the way. We will boost our productivity, stop procrastinating, and improve our lives. Join!

What will you get?

A healthy habit to wake up before 6 AM
2-3 hours for your personal life
A boost in your productivity
A positive impact on your life
A positive mood and more energy
New like-minded friends

Participants of the previous challenges are sharing their experience

We have already launched 4 challenges and more than 200 people took part in them. Challenges were really useful and productive for the majority of participants. Here is their feedback:
Zimfira Zangirova
I used to be a serial alarm snoozer, always craving for extra 5 minutes of sleep. And those "5 minute mores" would turn into a couple of hours... I knew it was good to wake up early but I just couldn't pull myself out of bed sometimes. Early Birds Challenge helped me to get out this habit and finally feel excited for each new day. It wasn't easy, but I was given simple and effective tips that actually worked. And group support was amazing, we are still in touch with most of the participants. I feel more energized now. I can accomplish more during the day and get tired enough to fall asleep before 10 in the evening. And I get up before the alarm most of the days.
Alexey Mamaev
I wanted to wake early a long time ago. But I just wanted. A “ want” is not enough! But taking part in the marathon finally kick it off. First days I was going to bed late, slept bad or didn’t sleep at all. It’s all because of the schedule. I didn’t have it. But after the marathon I already feel sleepy vibes around 9p.m. and I’m so satisfied. I have time for running and meeting sunrise on the beach. I’m so grateful to all who organized the marathon. Hugs!
Irina Popova
Getting up early is cool! I manage to do a lot more then usual. But it’s not only about the to-do list: I feel better and don’t want to waste my time. The main thing is to go to bed early as well.
Yaroslav Semenovskiy
Friends, I have discovered a superpower! I can wake up at 5.30 without an alarm. Moreover, it turned out not to be a problem. All this - thanks to you, hugs to everyone. Apply extra efforts and you will achieve everything! And I am off to conquer new summits of my life.
Olga Strukova
Before I thought: "What is so special about those early mornings? It is not going to add more hours to my day!" But after the challenge, no way I am going to trade for anything the feeling of clear and calm morning just for myself. The stadium in the morning is empty and the air is fresh. I recommend this challenge to everyone.

How will it go?

Wake up 5:45 at the latest
Build a habit in 21 days
Pair up with other participants for extra motivation
Get a penalty if you overslept
Inspire others and chat in Telegram
All profit will be aimed at building an eco-village in Georgia

What are the rules? FAQ

When are the start and finish dates of the challenge?
Challenge will start on the 3rd of December. This day you will begin waking up before 5:45. The final day of the challenge is the 24th of December. Our goal is to build a sustainable healthy habit. That is why you should focus on maintaining this habit from the very beginning and even after completing the challenge.
Why do I need a challenge if I can get up early everyday myself?
Why are you on this page? There must be something that brought you here. For some reason you could not build the habit of waking up early yet? For achieving success in any area we need support from like-minded people external motivation and inspiration. For this reason we are here: to use the positive energy of a group to overcome laziness, fears and insecurity.
Why is it not free?
We invite people to the challenge who are willing to work hard. From our experience free events do not lead to high-level skills or knowledge. The fee is there as an extra incentive to participants. Just $15 for 1 person and $25 for 2. We will donate all proceeds, all profit will be aimed at building an eco-village in Georgia.
Who is going to check if I woke up on time, and how?
We will vote at our Telegram chat every day before 5:45 AM confirming that we are awake. But this challenge is more about personal integrity and being honest both with yourself and others. You take part in the challenge to make yourself better not to show off or prove anything to anyone. The goal is to build a sustainable and healthy habit that will improve your life. We will not be able to achieve the best results if we lie to ourselves and others.
What if I overslept?
There will be 3 chances to “get back on track”. If you oversleep once you will need to do 7 min workout (“Seven”) before 8 PM to stay in the challenge. If you oversleep for the second time you will need to do 2 rounds of Seven workout, and 3 rounds the third time. If you do not do Seven or oversleep for a fourth time you are out of the challenge. There is a video on how to do Seven. We will provide more details about Seven in our chat in Telegram before the start of the challenge.
What if I overslept for a good reason?
This is SUN-Sparta! There is no “good reason”. It does not exist. We are striving to make you to be in control (or: take charge) of your life and faith. This is why are we do not look for excuses, and keep working toward our goals.
What about time zones?
Everyone participates according to their local time zone.
When do we pair-up and how will it go?
Everyone will get a partner before day 4 by a random method. Having a partner increases motivation and responsibility as you will be responsible for him/her as well. You will need to stay in touch with your partner during the challenge asking if he/she woke up on time. From the 4th day you will vote on behalf of your partner. If one of you overslept, both have to do Seven before 8 PM and if any of you did not do this you both will have to leave the challenge. If you or your partner oversleep 4 times both will be excluded. This is SUN-Sparta!
What if I get a lazy partner?
We are all mirrors of each other. Although we will use a randomizer to match partners we believe that everyone will get a “special” partner who will be the best teacher for you. There is no coincidence in life and everything happens for a reason. There will be a separate Telegram channel for those who left the challenge where they can keep supporting each other.
How to sign up and pay for the challenge?
There is a big yellow button that will redirect you to the sign up page. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal. After the payment is complete you will receive a confirmation email with a link to join a chat in Telegram. Sign up and payment are provided by e-autopay. Please, be aware that there are people who may try to send you messages with a fake payment requests. To avoid fraud or in case you have any question regarding your payment, please, contact @sasha_wickenden or @mambik via Telegram. They are the only two people who are in charge of payments.
Where can I ask additional questions?
If the answer to your question is not on this page, you can contact @sasha_wickenden or @mambik via Telegram.

How much does it cost?

$15 / $25

$15 for 1 person and $25 for 2. Make a meaningful gift to your friend to take a step into a better life. All the money raised by the challenge will go to support the construction of an eco-village in Georgia. The land has already been purchased, and the first construction activities have already begun. This eco-village will be a place to host our offline events (SunGathering, SunUniversity, Yoga retreat and many others). This will be a green environment to live with and surrounded by like-minded people.

Start waking up early now!

The challenge starts on the 3 of December. Sign up by filling the form below. Pay through PayPal or Yandex.Money. After payment is successfully done, please send payment confirmation screenshot to @sasha_wickenden or @mambik in Telegram. They will add you to the Challenge Channel.
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