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Sunsurfers. Who are they?

This is a community of like-minded people, who plan and organize their travels independently. Members are committed to healthy lifestyle: they do various sports, while they reject alcohol, smoking, and drugs as part of their lives. They aim for self-development in a range of different spheres. The Sunsurfers community is a diverse one, consisting of people from different countries, nationalities and religions.

Main moral principles shared by community members:

  • Non-violence: refraining from harming others and yourself.
  • Truthfulness: being honest with others and yourself.
  • No stealing: refraining from taking (wishing for) what doesn’t belong to you.
  • Living without alcohol, smoking and drugs.
  • Faithfulness and awareness in relationships.
  • Rejoicing in the success of others.

The intention of the community is to inspire other people to make positive changes. To share travel experience and exchange useful information about different countries. To open new horizons. To discover a better version of yourself. Joining the community is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people. For these purposes, the community holds such events as SunGatherings, Universities, Yoga Retreats, and Coworking Retreats in different parts of the world.

How to distinguish a sunsurfer?

This is not a sect, a caste or a cult. But it is a particular lifestyle. If you recognize at least 2-3 of the points below as applying to you, then congratulations! You’ve come to the right place: here, you’ll find plenty of kindred spirits.
Travels light, takes only the absolute essentials
Eats healthily, loves fruit
Happy to communicate and to help
Practices yoga and meditation
Often in a great mood, smiles broadly at strangers
Often works online or owns a remote business

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we reply to the most frequently asked questions about the #Sunsurfers community and our travels.
Where did the idea to build such a community come from?

In 2010, the soon-to-be founder of the community Marat Chasanov realized that many of his friends also wanted to travel independently around the globe, live in different countries, form healthy habits, develop spiritually and improve their health. But they were lacking motivation, knowledge and support.

Later, Marat realized that it was not only his friends and relatives who needed such a motivational kick and the support of like-minded people. There are hundreds of thousands of people all around the world who need the same. This is how the idea to build up the #Sunsurfers community came about. A community of people with similar ideals and a similar mindset, who support each other, travel together and develop together.

Do I need to be a non-stop traveler to join you?

Not necessarily. Our events usually continue for 7-14 days. You can easily come and join during your vacations to become inspired and make your first steps towards a new life!

How much do you spend on accommodation? What is an average monthly budget while travelling?

A lot depends on the country, the particular place and your personal preference in terms of comfort. On average, in Thailand you will need around USD 500 a month. On Bali you may need a bit more, but in India a little less may suffice. Sometimes, you can even travel with no money at all. Besides, there are many ways to travel on a low budget – such as hitchhiking, couchsurfing, and volunteering.

How do you earn to travel that often?

We earn money and invest it in travelling. Within the Sunsurfers community, you will find owners of online shops, SMM specialists, designers, web developers, bloggers, marketing consultants, translators, yoga teachers, stylists and specialists in many other different areas.

Based on our experience, independent travel is not expensive. We don’t pay extra money to travel agencies and don’t live in touristic hotels. Travelling non-stop in Asia, we often spend much less than in our settled lives at home. But, anyhow, we don’t find ourselves living frugally; we have all we need for a happy life.

Which languages do you speak and how fluently? Do you have any barriers to communicating with locals?

Most sunsurfers speak pretty good English. We don’t have any troubles in communicating with locals. However, even if you don’t speak English or any other common language of the area, it shouldn’t stop you from travelling independently. You can always use an online translator on your smartphone or improvise an explanation using hand gestures. The most important thing is not to be scared or shy.

Do you want to build an eco-village for sunsurfers?

Yes, this is one of our goals. To have our own land, raise healthy children and do permaculture together with friends, families and like-minded people. Right now, we are looking for a site that suits these purposes. In the eco-village, we will be able to hold our events more efficiently, to share more and therefore to be more useful to this world.

Our events & projects

20-30 April 2018. Mexico

Sun Gathering

Sun Gathering attracts travelers, and people who dream of becoming travelers, from different countries. For 10 days they create a fruitful atmosphere, where they practice yoga and meditation, and devoutly share their experiences and ideas. On this journey, they notice how their hearts open up. Sun Gathering happens twice a year in different countries and usually brings together around 100 travelers eager to share and to learn. In 2017 we met for Sun Gathering 8.0 in Morocco and Sun Gathering 9.0 in Turkey.
Summer 2018. Georgia

Yoga retreat

Diving into yoga and finding answers to essential questions. Daily practice and lectures with a group of like-minded people. The ocean, virgin nature, fruits and the traditional life of locals.
November 2018. Thailand


This is an intensive practical course for someone who is willing to change their life and experience greater happiness. It features yoga practice, lectures, workshops, and quests to draw you out of your comfort zone. It is an ideal way to learn how to be independent, earn while traveling and meet new, interesting and like-minded people.
Online course


Sunschool is a 30 days online course from #Sunsurfers which will help you to discover freedom in your life, habits and work. It is a course for someone who is ready for inner revolution, to break free and unlock their potential to become happy. Happiness is our true nature, but different barriers in our mind and body stop us from feeling it with all our being. Therefore, the aim of this project is to identify these barriers and to eliminate them, as well as to develop new abilities. Right now the course is only available in Russian language.

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